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The Guide to Private Investing  How to Choose Lucrative Private Investments to Diversify Beyond Wall Street

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Our team can provide income and growth through the private investment market to qualified investors. You can build your wealth by choosing investments backed by tangible, real assets.

When you choose to invest with Four Peaks Capital PartnersTM, you are avoiding the middleman approach used by Wall Street to charge excessive fees and commissions. Investing outside of Wall Street, you can mitigate the volatility of the world stage which dominates the valuation of your portfolio.

Four Peaks Investments Include…


All of our investments have a little to no correlation to Wall Street or the World Markets. Many use this asset class to hedge against inflation and volatility.


Our target returns are above-average due our careful selection of investments and our streamlined operations. Our annualized returns typically range from 8% to 20%.


Invest with a proven team with systems and processes built from the ground up. Our quality control ensures efficiency and maximizes the use of each dollar for our bottom line.


Many investors will never have the opportunity to participate in these asset classes as an individual investor. Join other HNW investors by investing as a group to leverage your investing power.

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Steps to Invest: We make it simple to understand and easy to invest.


 Contact Four Peaks to set up a call or meeting.

Discovery Meeting (or call)

 Get to know Four Peaks and our various available investment vehicles. Let us know what you’re looking for in your investment portfolio and how we may be of service.

Opportunity Review

You’ll receive a variety of information based on your initial meeting with a Four Peaks team member. Gather as much knowledge as you’d like to make an informed decision.

Opportunity Meeting (or call)

Meet with a Four Peaks team member to discuss any questions you have about the investment or investments of interest.

Investment Application

Complete a Subscription Application for the investment(s) of interest and transfer funds.


Receive official acceptance of your investment and a welcome gift.


Watch equity grow and receive distributions. Stay involved as much or as little as you’d like with regular updates, investor calls, and even live events!

Change How You Invest and What You Invest in for Better Returns and Lower Volatility

When you discover the world of private investing, you wonder how you could have not known about it for so long. Until the JOBS ACT of 2012, all private investments were exactly that…private. For years, only those with exclusive access to the dealmakers were allowed to participate in these investments. Since the JOBS Act, the doors have been opening albeit slowly for qualified investors. Discover what you have been missing and how the wealthy choose to invest.

Katie Kim
Investor | Korea

I had a great experience working with Four Peaks Capital Partners and Andrew the past 18 months. I invested in several of the projects, one for income, and one for growth. The income fund started paying out dividends right after I wired money. It was a very simple process, and will be investing more in the future with Andrew and his team.

Andrew Lanoie
Investor | United States

Private commercial real estate is the focus of many affluent investors because it simply provides above-average passive income, growth through capital appreciation, and it can be truly passive by partnering with a proven team.