2018 March



Nobody likes road and freeway construction. It’s loud, annoying and slows traffic.
How many times have you cursed while waiting for a road worker to turn his sign from STOP to SLOW? And how many times have you passed the same construction site for months on end wondering when it was ever going to be completed and why so many workers were standing around.


21 Mar: Bipolar Bitcoin

What comes to mind when you look at the chart above? What could the chart possibly be tracking? The EKG of a defective heart? Altitude measurements of the various Tour de France stages? The stress level of an air traffic controller during peak hours? None of the above. The above chart represents the Bitcoin price over the past three months.

World Currencies with Companies

19 Mar: The Collective Madness of Wall Street

In the modern connected, Internet age, following the herd may not only be ill-advised but also downright dangerous – in both social and financial matters. On the social side, connected devices and social media have spawned various fads and crazes of varying levels of stupidity and danger, with some fads even resulting in deaths. Some of the most unbelievably stupid recent stunts have included the duct tape challenge, the car surfing challenge, and the choking challenge just to name a few. So what explains this mass madness?


14 Mar: Protecting Your Assets

Privacy anywhere is hard to find these days, but on the Internet, it simply doesn’t exist unless you really put a lot of time, money and effort into it. In an age of interconnected devices, your every step and action is being tracked and monitored whether you think so or not. Your cellphone tags your location every second of every minute of every day. Your Google search log records your private thoughts, interests, and impulses.