2019 April


25 Apr: Protection in a Financial Meltdown

When a public company suffers a financial meltdown, what are the ripple effects?

What are the different levels of exposure among the varying levels of investors and holders of financial instruments? To predict the impact of a future financial meltdown, one only has to look back at some recent financial disasters to have an idea of how the next disaster will play out.


17 Apr: Are Private Placements Right for You?

Investing in private placements is not for everyone. They may not be right for you. Let’s see if you relate more closely with James or Jimmy.

James and Jimmy are brothers, but the two couldn’t be more different when it comes to investing and even in their personal finances. Does that sound like you and your siblings?


10 Apr: Lack of Competition Creates Lucrative Opportunities

When was the last time you saw two competing mobile home parks across the street from one another or even on the same city block?

The answer is likely never, because like you, we have never seen this phenomenon. We’re not saying it doesn’t exist. We’re just saying that in all our years of investing in this space, we’ve never seen it.