2021 July


22 Jul: Are Your Investments Tax Efficient?

Are your investments tax efficient? What does it mean for an investment to be tax-efficient? It means the degree to which the investment maximizes returns while minimizing taxes. ​​When assessing an investment’s tax efficiency, the two most important factors to…


07 Jul: Have A Scout Mentality When Investing

When investing, do you have a scout or soldier mentality? ​​Your investing mentality can be the difference between success and failure. What do I mean by a scout or soldier mentality? In a recent article on ted.com, author Julia Galef made the…


01 Jul: Whose Plan Are You Following?

How many times have you found yourself lost in a rural place with no cell service? Or, you were given instructions on how to reach a particular destination, but the directions seem to have led you astray? Often, the only…