Mike Ayala


11 Nov: The Value Of Order In Investing

In my experience, investors get in their own way of their investment goals and objectives. They are in a personal conflict with these goals and objectives, which trickles over into how they invest. In personal meetings and business settings, the…


29 Oct: Investing Motives Correlated To Your Net-Worth

Each event I speak at has a different audience, and it’s great to meet them individually and get a wide perspective on everyone’s background, current careers or business interests, and future goals and aspirations. ​​No two people are alike, but…


15 Oct: Stop Investing In A Broken System

Inflation is wreaking havoc on the markets, with Wall Street experiencing volatility not seen since the early days of COVID or the Great Recession. And it doesn’t look like the Fed’s extreme rate-hiking approach will end soon. Guggenheim’s Minerd Says…


30 Sep: What Is A Reasonable Return?

The uncertainty swirling in today’s economic environment is palpable – inflation, recession, high-interest rates, supply chain issues, and high gas prices. To some, it’s deja vu of the Jimmy Carter ’70s again. So, what’s a reasonable return in this environment?…


18 Sep: Redefining Risk

Did you know that risk is fluid and not fixed? In other words, risk and the perception of risk are not fixed and can change depending on the person and the circumstances. Take, for instance, a burning house. Anyone running…


12 Aug: The Portfolio Killer

“Fed’s Kashkari: More rate hikes ahead, and possible recession…” ​(reuters.com) “Danger ahead: The U.S. economy has yet to face its biggest recession challenge…” (cnbc.com) “Google chief people officer addresses potential layoffs…” (hcamag.com) “Recession and Stagflation Are Some of the Biggest Risks…


16 Jul: Ignoring The Collateral Damage Of Inflation

The June inflation numbers are in, and they’re worse than expected. Inflation surged 9.1% in June, accelerating more than expected to a 40-year high. Economists expected the consumer price index to climb 8.8% in June. This is not good news….


10 Jun: Fixed Income Investment Comparison

As investors reel from volatility in the public equities markets – due to factors like inflation, recession fears, war, oil prices, or whatever market driver is trending on a particular day – many are turning their focus on fixed-income investment…