Mike Ayala


31 Dec: Freedom Was Rewarded In 2020

2020 was a bear for most of us in so many ways… The threats to our health, our financial security, and even, for some, their physical safety – burdens that none of us had anticipated at the start of the…


06 Nov: Waiting Is Not A Virtue

A Colorado man recently made the local news for missing out on a lottery payout because he failed to claim the prize by the deadline. Peter Bayley played the lottery in April and had up to six months to redeem his winning…


02 Oct: 1031 Exchanges Become Political

If Joe Biden becomes President, he has vowed to raise taxes on the rich and businesses and pledged to slaughter a commercial real estate sacred cow: the 1031 exchange (a.k.a “like-kind exchange”). Here’s a brief summary of the Biden tax…


16 Sep: Polls & Opinions VS. The Odds

If presidential polls are to be believed, it would be President Hillary Clinton preparing for the next election and not President Trump. The polls before the 2016 election all pointed to a Hillary landslide, but things didn’t exactly turn out…


19 Aug: How To Be A Great Passive Investor

“Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” – Sun Tzu Michael Jordan is considered the greatest basketball player of all time with skills and abilities rarely seen in the NBA before or since his time on the court. Everyone remembers…


17 Jul: Investing For The Next Generation

Have you had wealthy friends or family members pass away and later on you find out the only thing they left their heirs was debt? It’s more common than you think and it could have been avoided with simple planning….