Andrew Lanoie


27 Sep: Top 3 Mistakes of HNW Investors

Being rich doesn’t guarantee you’ll remain rich and just because you were successful in one field doesn’t mean you’ll be successful in another. Making money and preserving it requires avoiding financial mistakes that will drain your resources. Nobody is immune…


11 Sep: Run From The Stock Market Zombie!

You’re probably asking yourself why I’m calling the stock market a zombie. After all, the stock market has made an amazing comeback after shedding nearly a third of its value in March due to COVID-19. We should all be celebrating…


28 Aug: Tax-Free Investing In Alternatives

Uncle Sam favors innovators and entrepreneurs. The tax code is one prime example – with deductions and benefits sprinkled throughout its pages to encourage entrepreneurship vs. punching a clock. With the right planning, an investor looking to maximize income while…


23 Jul: Wall Street Bankruptcies: The Sequel

What do the following two lists have in common? List 1 Lehman Brothers Washington Mutual General Motors CIT Group Chrysler Thornburg Mortgage General Growth Properties Lyondell Chemical Colonial BancGroup Capmark Financial Group List 2 The Hertz Corporation LATAM Airlines Group Frontier Communications Intelsat…


08 Jul: How Inflation Impacts Your Investments

Broadly defined, inflation is the increase in prices over a period with the underlying premise that a specific amount of currency (i.e., the dollar) will be able to buy less than before. In an inflationary environment, a loaf of bread…


03 Jun: The “Risks” of Passive Investing

We live in a litigious society. We, as Americans are sue happy. The courts were originally designed to offer justice to a party harmed by another’s actions or make things right. However, over time, because litigation can be expensive when…


21 May: Wealthy Investors’ Affinity for Alternatives

Since the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a massive upswing in interest in private investments.
According to a recent article in Institutional Investor, a majority of institutional investors were set last year to increase allocations to alternative assets.