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05 Nov: Generating and Preserving Wealth

Have you ever wondered why family offices allocate such substantial portions of family portfolios to real estate?

According to The 2019 U.S. Family Office Real Estate Report, a survey of over 200 family offices conducted by Family Office Real Estate Magazine, the most important investment objective for family offices as cited by their directors is the preservation of wealth, followed by income generation and asset appreciation. Given these objectives, it should come as no surprise then that family offices are drawn to the commercial real estate class.


29 Oct: Stay Ahead of Inflation and Profit

Investors who stay ahead of inflation stand to profit greatly from commercial real estate.

The explosive growth of hedge funds in the 80’s and 90’s coincided with an investing public seeking alternatives to a volatile public market. Hedge fund managers touted their ability to beat the market in any economic environment through complex derivative strategies and mathematical algorithms. Investors were hooked.


24 Oct: Finding the Low-Risk High-Return Unicorn

There’s no such thing as a sure thing in investing.

Remember dotcoms, mortgage-back securities, and Bitcoin? Those were all sure things, right? Not exactly. Investors are continually getting burned by the sure thing syndrome, but it doesn’t mean they’ll stop looking for the next big thing.

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16 Oct: Debt or Equity? A Private Investing Primer

Investors fleeing Wall Street for less turbulent waters are discovering the world of private investing.

And with the loosening of securities advertising rules and the increasingly growing use of the Internet and social media by entrepreneurs to raise capital, investors are discovering alternative private investing options in greater numbers and variety like never before.


09 Oct: Profit + Positive Social Impact

Did you know our country has been in the midst of an affordable housing crisis ever since the Financial Crisis occurred?

You might be thinking, “Well, the unemployment rate is at a 50-year low, and the economy is strong. What can be wrong?” While it’s true the economy has been strong, what is also true is that home prices are rising twice the pace of wage growth, with the strong economy partially to blame for rising home prices. This means homeownership is out of reach for many people in our country.


23 Sep: The Alternative Investment Favored by the Wealthy

The Blackstone Group Inc. (better known simply as Blackstone), one of the largest investment firms in the world, recently closed on the world’s largest commercial real estate fund with $20.5 billion in capital commitments.

This new fund was in addition to the $153.6 billion it already had in real estate assets under management. Blackstone’s latest fund raised eyebrows in a maturing market where high returns are no longer the norm, especially in the high-profile, gateway markets in which Blackstone likes to play. They don’t mess with small deals in small markets.


18 Sep: Indecision is the Worst Alternative for Your Retirement

Are you the type of person that makes major decisions at the drop of a hat – comfortable within your own skin of decision making?

Or do you fall in the other camp – the type person that tortures yourself over the most minute of details, over the most trivial of matters to the point of indecision? The latter group suffers from analysis paralysis – the inability to make a decision due to overthinking available alternatives, possible outcomes, and data.


11 Sep: The Stock Market is a Big Ponzi Scheme

Name a financial arrangement/system where current investors’ profits are dependent on cash from new investors.

If you said a Ponzi scheme, you would be correct, but if you said publicly traded stocks, you would also be correct.

Before I explain why stocks are a Ponzi, let me first make a distinction. I’m not saying all stocks are Ponzis, just the ones that perpetually don’t pay dividends. Why? Because there are two ways investors can make money in stocks. One is from dividends, and the other is through capital gains by selling the stock in the future for more than the purchase price.


05 Sep: Why High Net Worth Investors Aren’t Worried About A Recession

High Net Worth investors are often ahead of the markets.

Take a page from their playbook and diversify sooner than later to avoid significant losses in the equities and bond markets.

In April of this year, GlobalData published its annual “HNW Asset Allocation Trends 2019” report, a 52-page report geared towards wealth managers with projections and analyses regarding investment allocations of high net worth (“HNW”) investors and how to meet the demands of these investors.

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29 Aug: How to Invest in Real Estate for Busy Professionals

Think you’re too busy to enjoy all the benefits that come with Real Estate Investing?

It’s no secret that the wealthy and institutional investors are heavily invested in commercial real estate.

As an alternative investment, real estate has ideal characteristics as an inflation hedge: yield, leverage, and appreciation. It does well in upwardly trending markets, continues to pay even as you wait out market corrections and typically declines less than stocks in downturns.