22 Jul: Are Your Investments Tax Efficient?

Are your investments tax efficient? What does it mean for an investment to be tax-efficient? It means the degree to which the investment maximizes returns while minimizing taxes. ​​When assessing an investment’s tax efficiency, the two most important factors to…


07 Jul: Have A Scout Mentality When Investing

When investing, do you have a scout or soldier mentality? ​​Your investing mentality can be the difference between success and failure. What do I mean by a scout or soldier mentality? In a recent article on, author Julia Galef made the…


01 Jul: Whose Plan Are You Following?

How many times have you found yourself lost in a rural place with no cell service? Or, you were given instructions on how to reach a particular destination, but the directions seem to have led you astray? Often, the only…


02 May: Common Practices Of The Wealthy

What do you consider wealthy? Is it having a mansion, fancy cars, trendy clothes, a private school education for the kids? ​​Wealth, it turns out, has less to do with your possessions and more to do with your freedom. Wealth…


22 Apr: Adopt These Habits To Become A Millionaire 

In order to break from the middle-class crowd and reach the levels of millionaires and billionaires, there’s one stereotype you need to dispel from your psyche completely, and that’s the one that says millionaires and billionaires didn’t earn their wealth….


15 Apr: 7 Reasons Not To Invest In Mobile Home Parks

Do the following describe your investing habits? You like a little danger when it comes to investing. You consider Wall Street your personal Las Vegas and Robinhood your favorite craps table. You’re constantly looking for the next big thing. You’re looking for…

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03 Apr: The New Rules For Investing For Freedom

Investors should forget everything that they think they know about investing for financial freedom… The common misconception is that to get rich, you will need to invest in the next big thing – be it the next Amazon or the…


11 Mar: Profile Of The Wealthy Investor 

There are millions and millions of retail investors, while the number of ultra-wealthy investors pales in comparison. And while the average retail investor fails to beat the market, the average ultra-wealthy investor has $30 million in investable assets. There are several…


18 Feb: Know Your Investing “Why”

Imagine you’re a young blacksmith during the Civil War… One day I come into your father’s shop and hand you a sealed note with instructions to deliver the note to the young single school teacher who lives in a small…