16 Jul: Ignoring The Collateral Damage Of Inflation

The June inflation numbers are in, and they’re worse than expected. Inflation surged 9.1% in June, accelerating more than expected to a 40-year high. Economists expected the consumer price index to climb 8.8% in June. This is not good news….


10 Jun: Fixed Income Investment Comparison

As investors reel from volatility in the public equities markets – due to factors like inflation, recession fears, war, oil prices, or whatever market driver is trending on a particular day – many are turning their focus on fixed-income investment…


21 Apr: One Investment In More Demand Than Ever

Uncertainty on the world stage has spilled over into the investment arena. War, inflation, gas prices, and political turmoil have weighed on stock and crypto prices. With stimulus money dried up and no longer able to buy stock and crypto…


12 Sep: Will Real Estate Crash?

The following questions pop up frequently on the internet and social media, but who exactly is asking these questions besides economists and news outlets? “Will real estate crash?” “Are we in a bubble?” “When will the bubble burst?”​ Some groups…


26 Aug: Investing For 2022 Now!

The only certainty about the U.S. economy is its uncertainty. Despite what you see in the stock and Bitcoin markets, all is not well. Uncertainty and volatility are all you can bank on in the public markets. The social and economic…


22 Jul: Are Your Investments Tax Efficient?

Are your investments tax efficient? What does it mean for an investment to be tax-efficient? It means the degree to which the investment maximizes returns while minimizing taxes. ​​When assessing an investment’s tax efficiency, the two most important factors to…


07 Jul: Have A Scout Mentality When Investing

When investing, do you have a scout or soldier mentality? ​​Your investing mentality can be the difference between success and failure. What do I mean by a scout or soldier mentality? In a recent article on, author Julia Galef made the…